Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Workout Plans

So, I haven't been as focused with my workout and diet and I should be. Summer is just about over and my birthday was last I'm ready to focus. I've set new goals for myself and have been doing research all week on new exercises and weight lifting tips that'll be helpful in helping me to reach my goals. I was very impressed with the way I looked at the beach summer. I lost a lot of body fat now its time for me to cut up and define my muscles more. To help keep myself motivated I plan to post my workout routines everyday next week! Join me if you'd like:)


  1. Good luck on the new workout plan! im doing my own on this side too. we can keep each other accountable!

  2. Ok, tell me what you were doing because I need some motivation.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  3. Hey Tiffany! ! I had a trainer that had me doing all kinds of crazy exercises:) Since I finished with him I go to the gym or try to do some form of exercise at home. I'm going to post quick workouts that can be done at home.